Symbolism of the Planet Wealth Pyramid Logo

Symbolism of the Planet Wealth Pyramid Logo

Illuminati? No Way. The Pyramid version of the Planet Wealth logo has symbolism quite the opposite of focal knowledge or power. Whether you compare it to the Colosseum of ancient Rome or the AT&T stadium of Dallas, people from all walks of life are welcomed through the same doorway and sit side by side.


The solid stone of the Pyramid represents Wall Street’s fortress-like lock on capital and capital access. But has this been exposed? A large welcoming entrance has been created through which anyone…everyone…is encouraged to enter. The “1’s” and “0’s” blanketing the surface of the Pyramid represent blockchain and other technologies that have been leveraged to create this entrance and an individual’s opportunity to climb to the top. What’s at the top? Certainly not the all-seeing-eye. Through strength in numbers, the Illuminati has been replaced with the Planet Wealth Rocket making endless flights limited only by a person’s imagination and desire. Join our crusade and begin your personal journey toward financial independence.



  1. Go to and register with your email. It’s free.
  2. Take some time to review the site and watch the short videos there.
  3. Sign Up to receive your unique Planet Wealth Ambassador URL.
  4. Use the Marketing Suite materials to reach out to your friends and social network. Build your personal network on Planet Wealth locking in future earning potential. Start now!
  5. Help us sell T-shirts and other cool merchandise. Become a Gone Viral affiliate and sell from the store as if it’s your own. After the cost of goods is considered, your 25% of each sale represents close to a 50/50 split of the profit. Not bad!
  6. Study up on the Launch Pro Turnkeys. Let Planet Wealth help break down the barriers that may have prevented your business pursuits in the past. If this speaks to you, be ready as the Turnkey Suite will be open soon.
  7. Watch and wait as Planet Wealth goes through the FINRA registration process for their Broker Dealer and their Digital Securities Exchange (ATS).
  8. If you're an accredited investor, consider participating in the Planet Wealth private capital raise. If you're not, just stay alert. The day will come when shares of Planet Wealth can be sold to all. If you're on our mailing list, you'll be among the first to know.
  9. Once you truly to understand the immense power that like-minded individuals have when enabled by technology, favorable terms and community…the power of everyone rowing in the same direction … Repeat Step 4.